ABout Ai

Who is Ai?

Ai is a six year old boy who travels around the world to seek the hidden meaning and purpose of life and also Grandpa. Ai's name represents the meaning of love. One day, Ai will realise that even though Grandpa is gone, his love is never really gone. Ai loves drawing and lives with his best friend Aiko, a little puppy, who loves playing Hide and Seek.

Inspired by Hanyu Pinyin, the name Ai represents the idea of Ai1哀 (Sorrow) to Ai4愛 (Love). In other words, it means that it doesn’t matter where we are (Physically or figuratively), we all eventually find love.

Our social media handle @AisforAi reads A is for Ai, represents our vision for Ai. We imagine a world where the first alphabet that children learn is A, and Ai (Love) will one day be the first thing that children associate with the alphabet A and experience Ai (Love) early in their life. Because we believe it’s important to let children know that there’s always hope around us, because there’s always love around us.

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About Studio

HappWhy Brands

HappWhy Brands is an Art Studio created by Peter Draw and Axton Salim. “To make people HAPPY is our WHY” says Peter and Axton, and this is why they wrote their mission into the studio’s name.


History of Ai

Creator of Ai, Peter Draw, has devoted his whole adult life trying to show children that Love Can Happen Anywhere.

Back in 2000, Peter's grandpa passed away suddenly. The last lesson Peter learned from him was that our loved ones cannot wait forever for us. Sometimes 'later' becomes 'never'. Sometimes we don't realise the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

That was when Peter created the earliest version of Ai and for 18 years, Peter used Ai to bring communities together, including bringing together past disaster survivors who’ve lost their loved ones in Alajuela Costa Rica, Aceh Indonesia, Taichung Taiwan, Sichuan China, and have created drawings of love and encouragement for the children who survived in Fukushima, Iwate, and Miyagi prefectures in Japan. Peter has also brought Ai to a few other cities to put a smile on children's faces.

This is the earlier version of "Love Can Happen Anywhere”. Peter believes that even though our loved ones might be gone, their love is never really gone because Love Can Happen Anywhere.

Peter draw in Red Sweater

Peter draw in Red Sweater