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Love Can Happen Anywhere

Love Can Happen Anywhere is a film that explores what it means to experience loss, yet never lose the love given to you when it is shared, keeping the legacy of a loved one alive. It explores the subtle power of showing and sharing love to change sorrow into love. Done in stop-motion, it reflects life and how in facing problems that stop us, we should keep moving in small steps for every small move propels change.

Love shared can never be lost. Share this film with your loved ones.

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Character Introduction



A six year old boy who travels around the world to seek the hidden meaning and purpose of life and also Grandpa. Ai's name represents the meaning of love. One day, Ai will realise that even though Grandpa is gone, his love is never really gone.



Ai’s companion is a little puppy named Aiko. Aiko's name has the meaning of a child full of love. Aiko is a loyal, innocent and good-natured puppy. Aiko Love to play hide and Seek, especially when Ai and Aiko travel to a new place and space. Aiko is a six times champion of the Hide & Seek game.


Grandpa is an old Artist who lived alone with Aiko until he met Ai. He taught Ai many life lessons. The last lesson that he taught Ai came from a game of Hide and Seek. He told Ai to travel around the world, and play a never ending game of hide and seek, saying “This time I’ll hide, and one day you will find me." Grandpa believes all the ‘Why’ in the world can be explained with three words "Because of love"



Ai’s New Friend.
Not much is known about her.


Background Story

Ai is a 6 year old boy who travels around the world to SEEK the HIDDEN meaning of life. Ai's companion is a puppy named Aiko. Ai's name represents the meaning of love, and Aiko's name has the meaning of a child full of love. Ai and Aiko loves to play HIDE and SEEK because of Grandpa, it was their favourite game. The last time Grandpa played HIDE and SEEK, he told Ai “This time, I will HIDE. One day, you will find grandpa.” Following which, grandpa went away. After many years, Ai finally found “Grandpa” and he finally understood what grandpa meant. Grandpa is gone, but his love is never really gone. Love can happen anywhere.

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